About Me

Your Story is Within Your Own Hands


Hello everyone! Jy here from The Trading Mind. I am currently a working adult in IT field which aims to become a freelance writer and trader. My passion for writing came in the latter part of my life, so it is never too late to start what you want to do. My hobbies were reading books, travelling, food and sports such as basketball, bouldering, callisthenics. My favourite food is Ramen! I have often been misunderstood for being cold, I am just shy. Do bear with me, I am improving on it =).  My motto of life is always living on the best version of yourself! I am also part of Action Dreamers!

What will be I sharing and purpose of this blog for?

On The Trading Mind, I will be sharing about a person’s mindset which I have learned over the years. As I am not a psychologist, do keep an open mind for it.  I keep improving every day. The purpose of this blog is for people to find out more about themselves, acknowledge their shortcomings and improve on it.

So Who is this blog for?

The Trading Mind is for everyone! Besides that, it will be very helpful to traders and people who are “seeking something”. Most of it I have learned is from these two. Nevertheless, I hope you will learn something from it!



The Trading Mind goals are simple:

  • Acting as a wake-up call on you
  • Taking actions and improve within yourself
  • Hope to inspire yourself to create your own life stories!