3.Your Body, your responsibility

Your Body

In this current world, We humans have been evolving new technologies, innovations and ideas. Sad to say, we also decreasing our average life expectancy each year. Improved medical care supposed to solve it. However, it is not. We are neglecting on 1 thing, our body.


Why do our health problems keep increasing?

  • Illness, Diseases and virus
    Viruses like Zika and H1N1 exist since the 1900s and they are still evolving to become more deadly. Technically virus can’t be killed, as long as humans exist. Illness wise like diabetes, stroke happens is mostly caused by ourselves as we do not take care of it.
  • Work
    #Work Stressed

    Generally, Asian countries, especially Singapore, are having a workaholic culture. Overtime working stressed out due to work and work-life imbalance are common. When these issues keep happening, it’s taking a toll on your body and one day it simply breaks down. Afterwards, you will become a frequent customer to hospitals and clinics.

  • They just simply just don’t care

“You only live once” “Life is too short, I will eat what I want”. Ya right, your life will be shorter if you keep eating unhealthy food and pick up bad habits like smoking. Our body may have no voice, however, they are suffering from your abuse.

It’s like you are working in a company and you are being abused and scolded by your boss every day. Until one day you can’t stand it anymore, you will leave the company.

The same thing, you abused your body every day until your body parts cannot take it anymore, it will ‘leave’ you. After that, you will just malfunction and problems coming out of your body.


How important is our body?

A healthy body leads us to a happy life and longevity. I know its sounds broad, however, is a hard fact.

Imagine you have life goals that you want to achieve however due to neglecting of your body and somehow contracted long term illness, you will have much more difficulties on it or even not able to achieve it. We only had one life and there is no rewind button.

Even though it is your body, the “weight” for it is not only just you, your loved ones will also be involved. An example below:

Peter and Sue are husband and wife. They recently welcomed their newborn son Jason and very happy about it. In order to provide the best for Jason, Peter work very hard even to take up 2 jobs at a time. One day, Peter fainted while working and was sent to the hospital. Sue arrived and the doctor told her Peter’s condition is now stable. However, he also told Sue that Peter was lucky to sent to the hospital early, his body has been taking a toll due to overworking and almost took his life.

Imagine that Peter couldn’t make it and cost his life. What will happen to Sue and Jason? Sue will probably be devastated for the whole life, while Jason could have emotional guilt when growing up. So it is not just you, your loved ones are affected too.

Start it now!

#Go Go Go!

What is the last time you have done a body checkup? Have you visit your dentist since? These are the starters you can go with. Body check-up and know your body is part of self-awareness. Try to exercise at least 3 days a week with at least 1 hour. Eating a balanced diet helps also.


Summary and thoughts

Be grateful and precious of your body. Most of us born healthy while some of them having an illness or physical abnormalities since birth and we are taking for granted. Having a healthy body and mind leads to happiness. Everybody is responsible for their own body.

Fact: I have seen people in late 20s taking medicine due to diabetes. His diabetes occurred is because of an unhealthy diet. He is still taking the medicine to control it. Would you want this to happen to you? Do comment on below and share !

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